Theme: Conflict–Armed Conflict (8/13)

Theme:  Conflict–Armed Conflict

Throughout history, armed conflicts have begun for various reasons. These conflicts have affected many countries and groups of people.


Select two armed conflicts and for each:
• Describe the historical circumstances leading to this armed conflict
• Discuss the ways in which this armed conflict affected a specific group of people, a country, and/or a region

     You may use any examples of armed conflict from your study of global history and geography. Some suggestions you might wish to consider include the Peloponnesian War, the Crusades, the English civil war, the Haitian war of independence, the French Revolution, the Opium War, the Sepoy Rebellion, World War I, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Rwanda crisis.

You are not limited to these suggestions.

—August 2013 Regents Exam


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