Theme: Change [Individuals Who Have Changed History]

Theme:  Change [Individuals Who Have Changed History]

The beliefs and achievements of individuals have changed global history. These beliefs and achievements have had positive and negative effects on society.


Identify two individuals who have changed global history and for each:
• Explain one belief or achievement of that individual
• Discuss the positive and/or negative effects of the individual’s belief or achievement

      You may use any individual from your study of global history except Nicholas CopernicusSir Isaac Newton, and Norman Borlaug. The individuals you identify must have had a major role in shaping global history and must not be from the United States.  Some individuals that you might consider include HammurabiConfucius, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Muhammad, Johannes Gutenberg, Queen Isabella, Leonardo da Vinci, John Locke, Catherine the Great, Simón Bolívar, or Nelson Mandela.

You are not limited to these suggestions.

—January 2004 Regents Exam

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