Theme: Change–Collapse of Government

Theme:  Change–Collapse of Government

The sudden death of a ruler, a defeat in war, or a successful revolution has often led to the collapse of a government. Political, social, and economic changes have occurred as a result of the collapse of a government.


Select two situations where the collapse of a government has led to significant changes in a country or region and for each
• Describe the historical circumstances that led to the collapse of a government
• Discuss the political, social, and/or economic changes that occurred as a result of the collapse of that government

      You may use any situation from your study of global history and geography in which the collapse of a government led to significant changes in a country or region. Some suggestions you might wish to consider include collapse of the Roman Empire, collapse of Louis XVI’s government, collapse of the Tokugawa shogunate, collapse of Czar Nicholas II’s government, collapse of the Ottoman Empire, collapse of the Nationalist government in China [Guomindang], collapse of Batista’s government in Cuba, fall of Reza Pahlavi’s government in Iran, breakup of Yugoslavia, and collapse of the Soviet Union.

You are not limited to these suggestions.

Do not use a revolution from United States history in your answer.


—January 2013 Regents Exam


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